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  • Does the DTU support the Modbus protocol?
    Our DTU does not support the Modbus protocol because different device protocols involve different writing and reading register addresses. Therefore, we only provide transparent transmission of serial data. That is to say, serial data is not processed but sent directly to the server and processed by the server.
  • How to check whether the DTU is connected to the server?
    Our DTU supports concurrency of data on multiple servers. When you set the IP and port number of the server on route A and connect to the server, the LINKA yellow indicator will always be on. The LINKB indicator will always be on when B is connected to the server.
  • How to use DTU? What are the requirements for deploying DTU?
    We will provide each user with a DTU configuration tool. User can set the server-side IP address port number, heartbeat package, registration package and other information, so that the data from the serial port can be converted into IP packets transparently sent to the server.
    Deploying DTU requires you to build a good TCP server and a public network IP.
  • What is DTU? How to classify?
    DTU (Data Transfer Unit) is a wireless terminal device that transparently converts the data of RS232/RS485 serial devices into IP packets and sends them to the server. DTU is widely used in meteorology, hydrology, water conservancy, geology and other industries.
    DTU can be classified into GPRS wireless DTU and 4G LTE wireless DTU according to the network type.