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Seriallink is originated from the founder's enthusiasm to M2M and IoT technology. From the tireless efforts at the student era to the further study after employment, the founder has always been exploring and moving forward in the professional field. The more he understands and loves it, the more eager he will be to approach a higher level of communication technology in the world and contribute to the development of communication technology in China.

With the initial intention of developing core technology and innovating production mode with science and technology, the brand Seriallink was born in Shenzhen, China. Serial means “in series” and link “in connection”. Seriallink inherits the brand mission of connecting things in series to connect the world.

For technology brand, independent R&D capability is the basis of survival. Since its birth, Seriallink has integrated the spirit of innovation into every detail and sought to upgrade from design to technology in an all-round way. This kind of innovation is market-oriented, taking deep insight into the user requirements of the product. No matter from design or internal set procedures, we fully meet user expectations of excellent experience.

Seriallink has a broader vision. Our strategic layout is not only limited to China, but also to the world. The starting point and terminal of the product from production to sales is favorable for connecting advanced communication technology and propagating Seriallink globally. It is the high standard quality requirement of Seriallink international level that runs through the whole process.

Seriallink will demonstrate to the world the strength of China’s telecommunication technology with its core R&D capabilities as a pioneer in the industry, and continue to work hard to realize the grand ideal of “China Communications Intelligent Manufacturing” covering the whole world.