Industrial Modem

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  • What kind of tool software can test Modem?
    Commonly used serial port tools can send AT commands, such as super terminal, serial port debugging assistant, etc.
  • How to use an industrial modem. What function does it have?
    In general, connect your Modem to send AT commands through serial ports to achieve short message and dial-up Internet access.
  • What is 4G LTE Modem?
    Seriallink 4G LTE Modem supports 2G/3G/4G network of China Mobile, Unicom, Telecommunications, which fits all kinds of networks.
  • Which network operators can GSM Modem support?
    China Mobile and China Unicom operate the GSM network in China. Because Unicom's 2G network is currently in the withdrawal state, there are no 2G signals in many areas. If you use GSM Modem, you'd better use China Mobile's card.
  • What's the difference between sending English short messages and Chinese short messages?
    When sending English short messages, user needs to sets the mode to work in TEXT mode with AT command. While sending Chinese short messages requires the use of PDU working module, so Chinese characters need to send the corresponding hexadecimal code.
  • What is AT command?
    AT(attention) command is used to connect and communicate between terminal devices and PC applications. Each AT command line can contain only one AT instruction. For the sending of AT command, the maximum length of 1056 characters (including the last empty character) can be received except AT two characters. 2G 3G 4G Modem has its own AT command manual, but the basic functions of AT commands follow the standard of response, such as SMS (short message), dialing calls (basically the same).